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OLOFOFO MUSIC REVIEW : “Gucci Snake” By Wizkid & Slimcase, A Banger Or Just Another Trash?


Wizkid is on a roller-coaster. He has improved this year and he’s become dedicated to dropping local hits.


This year, he has laid back a little in his foray into the international scene. Davido has gotten invites to international concerts and gotten more recognition than Wizkid but if we were to count hits Wizkid has given us this year, they are so uncountable.


From his own personal records, Fake Love, Soco to Immediately, Nowo, Commando, For You, Bad Energy to the recent singles, Fever and Master Groove.


And Yet, Wizkid has released another song, Gucci Snake 🔥🔥🔥


Listen And Download The Song Below:-




Too Many Good Songs From Wizkid

It’s like Wizkid has tons of songs he recorded this year, and Gucci Snake is one of them. After delaying its release for months (Gucci Snake was supposed to be released back then in March), he has finally dropped it.


Why does the record sounds somehow and kind of lukewarm especially after its first listen? Well, you all will get to love the song over time, thats how all Wizkid’s song make one feel.

Shaku Shaku Is Fast Fading Off

The Wobey sound has faded away and Gucci Snake might get stale if Wizkid fail to drop it in 2018. It was recorded around the time when SlimcaseMr Realand Idowest were all reigning with their Wobey sounds.

Wizkid knows this, he knows the Wobey sound has faded away, so he had to release it before the end of the year else…… Una no wetin go happen.

This Song Won’t Last Long Before Fading Off

Finally, I’m sorry Wizkid fans, let’s say the truth, this particular track won’t last for a long time. It might fade away very soon after a few weeks, the reason why Wizkid isn’t promoting or pushing the song to greater extent.

Normal level, you won’t get to love the song when you first listen/hear it but after a few more listens, you will enjoy it.

Gucci Snake will definitely elevate into a spiritual level of dance moves, you will start to move your body to its accentuating lyrics. The beat holds fast and it’s a club banger.

Slimcase Effect On The Song

The Anticipation was just too damn high for this song. Everyone thought Slimcase will have a very big influence on this song but what we got was different.

Slimcase has got nothing on this jam. It will still do amazingly well without him.. He’s definitely on the bench on this song.. Argue with your Ancestors 😭


Overall, we will rate the song 7/10 ★★★★★★★☆☆☆


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