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This is a true life story sha, its about a guy who love and adore dis grl,d grl was so beautiful dat most most guy wanted her fr dem self, but It was not only her beauty bt her character too,dea bth fall in love with each oda,leter d grl was nt satisfy wit his love completely,dat she wanted a breakup,so she keep on given excuse to breakup with dis guy,but one special thing with d guy was dat he was patient,ready to listen to her n understand,

He believed in his love fr her ,because he made her a promise wit out u den its only a river dat can replace u in my hrt,u are my one n oly pls dnt lv me alone ,pls pick up d phn wen ever I call ,dnt lv me alone ,dat was his sayin, he was so determined dat he would nt let her go,due to d pain she caused him,bt he kept on trying stil he finally got her back, dats true love



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