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MTN Free Browsing Cheat

2018 Mtn Freebrowsing Cheat

using data always need must especially those with Android Phones.

But sometimes you may find it difficult to browse free. If you are searching on How To Browse free with your mtn then your search ends here because, I’m gonna show you how to browse freely with 0.0kb on your mtn
Requirement :
1. Android Phone
2. Mtn Sim with 0.0kb
3 Good 3g Network
How To Browse Free On MTN

After having the above listed requirement. All you need to do is to install Http injector in your Android phone and then import this config file to your Http injector
How To Import The Config file
It’s very easy to import just follow up this process
First download the config file by clicking here
Now open your http injector app and click on the 3 dash at the top right hand side

2018 Mtn Freebrowsing Cheat

After you clicked that then it will up a pop on menu. Click config

2018 Mtn Freebrowsing Cheat

Now select your storage were you download the config file

2018 Mtn Freebrowsing Cheat

Then locate the file in your download manager

Then click it. You will see a notification saying you have successfully import the config file
Now all you have to do is to click on start and wait for the http injector to connect and start browsing freely without the stress of buying data
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