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Monday, 29 August 2016

Buhari Is Too Old For Nigeria

Topic: The Change We Asked For (The Opinion Of A Nigerian).

Written By: Samuel George

I recently wanted buy biscuit and was surprised at what I saw. Complaining a little, all the lady selling the biscuit said was “it’s the era of change”. It is amassing how the word change has become a household name. A word championed by the current president, Muhammadu  Buhari. He campaigned under the flag of the APC with the theme “CHANGE”. Nigerians had been easily deceived by rocket high promises. “He was going to bring heavens into the house of everyone” “Oh, his body language was going to send every corrupt politician packing” “His words of action were going to put workers at all levels on their feet”.

Have you ever sat down to look closely at the photo from when Buhari visited the White House in DC? Was I the only one wondering -as the two men sat and spoke- what they had in common?

Just like Buhari, Obama became president using the theme ‘change’; only he was more specific the type of change. “Change we can believe in”. In Buharis’ theme we were not told the kind of change we were to expect. Comparing 2015 with 2016 you will agree with me that there really has been a ‘change’, only a change for the worse.

We as Nigerians made a lot of mistake. When he was campaigning, he spoke about his fugal lifestyle and about facing the same hardship ordinary Nigerians were facing but we failed to get something. He was the head of state from mid 1953 till August 1955, still over 25 years later he comes out and tells us he didn’t have much- which we believed. This can only mean 2 things.

1.       He was lying –which he obviously was- and hence isn’t fit to be president.

2.       He has no idea how to manage finances and no clue of economics and still isn’t fit be president.

We missed the fact that he was far too old for that post, how could we foolishly have gone out to vote for a 73 year old (72 years at the time) as president of a country of over 185 million people? I always have to go slow when I am trying to keep up a conversation with my grandmother who also is above 70. This man should be resting with our other baby boomers, enjoying their pension (if they are paid) and praying for the younger generation to get it right.

Personally I’m not taking sides and I’m not against any democratic group. I believe one’s party really has little to do with who you are at your core and what you are capable of. It really did not matter where the change was coming from. It didn’t matter if it was coming from APC or it was coming from the PDP. What really mattered were the people bringing this change and what kind of change it was.

If Buhari was in PDP and GEJ was with the APC, I still don’t think my voting options would have been altered. Even if many youth were of the opinion that he was able to maintain law and order while he was president in the military regime, he was the right man for the job because he was feared by people around. Of course, why else was he a solider?  Especially the Nigeria Army that is well known for its excellent peace keeping mission records? Maintaining law and order as a military president was definitely not a difficult thing to do; he was in the Nigerian Force. What our largely ignorant youth failed to understand was that this was democracy. We had left the era of dictatorship; we were no longer in an era where we were to be forced to line up before using public transport. Many people are just starting to that those times are gone. You want something in the 21st century democratic era, you have to negotiate. You have to negotiate with the Kanu, you have to negotiate with the NDA, we even at some point negotiated with Boko Haram. People are not going to stand around and let you push them around anymore, you have to add ingredients of diplomacy to the soup.
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